Confessions of an MI6 Agent

Confessions of an MI6 Agent is a fictional story of a voluptuous English spy named Eileen Zimmerman. Eileen's parents and her sister Sarah were killed during the German bombing in London. Faced with the reality of of World War II catastrophes, she had to endure her difficult young stages living with her survived grandmother. 

Eileen was desperately seeking revenge for the bombing of London that killed her family members and for the dreadful Jewish holocaust. She worked her way up to become an MI6 agent assigned to New York to work in conjunction with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to entice the Americans to fight the war in Europe. 

Note from the author: 

"As a writer of a fictional story, I was infatuated with producing a great character with all the human elements of good and bad, selfishness, morality and immorality, sexiness and promiscuity; a woman who is reserved and intelligent. I aimed to create a protagonist with a soft heart for humankind, but someone also confused by their own past and traumatic misfortunes. There were times the character desperately searched to rectify her past behaviors but couldn't refrain from abandoning her own, well-structured lies and deceptions. My story will take readers on an intelligent and suspenseful journey into the main character's psyche, challenging their perceptions and ideas about deception and their own intrigue and fascinations with danger, loss, and the human condition. Enjoy the ride." 

                                                                         - Foti Fotiu