Recognition by the Patriarchate

On May 15, 2014, the Ecumenical Patriarchate office of his All-Holiness Patriarch Barthalomew wrote a letter to Presvytera Mary Copulos Christy of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this letter, Patriarch Barthalomew mentions Fotiu's book "Constantinople."  Here is an excerpt of the letter from His Holiness mentioning Fotiu: 

".........The Patriarchate also wishes to express his gratefulness for being informed about Foti Fotiu's book, which describes his horrific days of the 1955 Pogrom. Those days were truly difficult days, and they have left their permanent scar on the conscience of the members of our community in this City.  This book will surely assist in shedding some light as well as educate persons more thoroughly about the trials and tribulations endured by the martyric Romanity of the City. May God Bless and keep Mr. Fotiu.......

His All-Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew

His All-Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew

Book Reviews


Review by Lazar "Larry" Odzak, PhD and Author:

"Constantinople- the name alone evokes concepts of rich history and grandeur. The author brings the past to life. Chapter by chapter, he describes the historical background of the polis and the region, draws together the various threads, and brings it all together by weaving a tapestry that depicts the current times. Fotiu astutely analyzes not only the causes of the catastrophe, but also the national and international reactions to the progrom and the ensuing circumstances that compelled thousands of non-Turkish minorities to leave Istanbul. The author's own family first gets away to Belgium, then finds a permanent haven in the United States. The author is to be highly recommended for his evenhanded, factual examination of the events and his perceptive conclusions." 

Review by George Horiates, Esquire:

"There are few times in life when one gets the pleasure of reviewing a book and realizing from the beginning of the journey that you are reading a great work. That is the experience you will encounter when you delve into Fotiu's Constantinople. The real story is the testimonial given by the Fotiu family, starting with the author's father moving to the Poli from Albania in search of a better life. The storyteller weaves history with policy, referencing all points from the closing of the theological school at Halki to the Varlik (high taxation of foreigners). The description of growing up in the Poli in the 1950's brings the era to life. The streets are filled with entertainers, markets where even Turks sold icons, of playing with children of other ethnicitiesand even of openly celebrating Easter at Agia Evangelistra Church.  That peace ended for the Fotiu family and for the community of Constantinople on September 6, 1955. Constantinople's understanding of the past and never forgetting the pain suffered by our forefathers is a necessary ingredient.  The equally significant message of hope for the future, of peaceful and neighborly resolution, of respect for minorities is a lesson for all in our brotherhood."

Review by Presbytera Mary Copoulos Christy:

"Father Paul and I are very fortunate to have Author Foti Jean-Pierre Fotiu in our Raleigh community. He dedicated ten years of his life to write this truly magnificent masterpiece. A great read!  The book captures with historical accuracy the political and religious controversies in Constantinople (now Istanbul), and Foti and his family (and relatives) lived and experienced these events first-hand. So many of us appreciated the "60 Minutes" documentaries, which resulted in well-deserved awards for the news program. This book, however, brings even more to the reader, and I highly recommend it to those who desire a factual, historical review of the circumstances at the time. Foti is an active member of AHEPA, and has a beautiful wife and family, who are among the greatest chefs in our community. Foti also has a background in hospital administration (Radiology Dept), which is one of many passions we have in common. Bravo to Foti for dedicating his time, knowledge, and attention to this most important historical truth. I think Foti's sister, holding her father's left hand in the photograph on the cover, is a striking resemblance to Foti's beautiful and engaging granddaughter!"

In the Press



Constantinople was featured in the Winter 2011-12 issue of AHEPA Magazine. Fotiu was mentioned in a press release from the National Herald which featured an article on the 50th Anniversary of the AHEPA Cape Fear Chapter of Wilmington, NC. Fotiu and other writers who spoke at this event, donated their books to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Randall Library in honor of the event.  Fotiu spoke about his book, Constantinople at an AHEPA meeting at St.Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church in Albany, NY. The event is featured in an issue of The AHEPAN Chapter News



In 2012 Fotiu was commissioned by the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA)  to write an article with PhD and Book Author Larry Odzak, titled "Parthenon Marbles."  Learn more about this video presentation and purchase a copy of PBS Nova: Secrets of the Parthenon 

Contributions of the Greeks

Click here for Fotiu's 2014 speech at the Raleigh Mayor's Unity Day Celebration, Raleigh, NC